On the Water

Practical Exercise   Once we have learned the fundamentals in class and have been introduced to the lakes, we will go out and apply what we have learned.  

Our final segment will be on the water, on one of our vessel safety checked (VSC) member’s boats. 

One of our experienced captains will welcome you aboard and give a pre-departure safety talk that you will use on your boat.  Together with one of our “Underway Instructors” you will depart for a cruise on the Savannah, Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers.  We will determine our location and identify aids to navigation (buoys both navigational and informational).  We will see what the red and green colors designate and how the rules of the road work in overtaking, crossing and meeting situations. ​  We will observe wind, current and weather conditions and discuss how they affect your vessel and impact your decisions.  

You have learned that a boat steers around a pivot point, now you will see how that works.  We discussed anchoring, now we will anchor and retrieve the anchor.  

You heard of safe water buoys and preferred channel beacons, we will actually see and talk about them.

We will see a local marina in operation, approach it and tie up to a dock. You will have an opportunity to see dry and wet boat storage.  

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